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Tour Summary

  • Fly north from Anchorage across the Arctic Circle to the Inupiat Eskimo village of Utqiaġvik.
  • Discover firsthand the lifestyles of Alaska's Arctic Coastal peoples with a tour of the village with a local host.
  • Walk the shores of the Arctic Ocean near the northernmost point on the North American Continent. Bravely dip your toe in the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Overnight in Utqiaġvik at Top of the World Hotel (included). 
  • Depart Utqiaġvik by air on Alaska Airlines to Anchorage.  (Departure and/or return flights can be arranged from/to Fairbanks.  The routing would be Fairbanks to Anchorage, change planes on the way to Utqiagvik on Day 1 and it would be Utqiagvik to Anchorage, change planes to then go to Fairbanks on Day 2)  NOTE - Flight times have been variable the last couple of years - schedule below is based on current schedule being posted by Alaska Airlines for the mid/late summer of 2024.

Tour Dates and Rates

May 15, 2024 - September 15, 2024

Varied Departure Times

Days: Daily

Rate: $779 *


  • Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Undiscovered Arctic
  • Arctic Circle
  • Arctic Ocean
  • Undiscovered Arctic


Day 1 - START  Depart Anchorage 3:05 PM on AS #51 / 4:59 PM  arrive Utqiaġvik 

Day 2 - RETURN Depart Utqiaġvik 5:52 PM on AS #50/ arrive Anchorage at 7:36 PM

Flight times are subject to change - we ask guests to call 1-2 days prior to departure to reconfirm times.  The above  times are given as an example - the 2024 flight schedule for Alaska Airlines has and will most likely continue to change over the course of the summer.   THIS CHANGE CHANGE CAN BE EXTREME - changing from an afternoon flight to a morning/mid morning flight.

Tour Schedule: Tours operate daily from May 15 - September 15, 2024.  

2024 Starting at Rates: Rates began at $779 per person from Anchorage ($829 per person from Fairbanks) and are based on double occupancy and subject to change. Rates can and do vary depending on requested date of travel, routing and available categories of seat rates. 

SINGLE Guests / Single Rooms:  Add $150 for Single Supplement.


CANCELLATION Policy - Due to restrictions of commercial air travel it is very important for guests to understand the Cancellation Policy associated booking the Utqiaġvik Adventure.


There is a $150 per change fee for any changes made to this reservation once it has been made (name spelling or date/flights) plus any additional fees associated with a higher ticket price if the reservation is changed to a new day. An exchange of travelers is not allowed.

CANCELLATION: Outside of 48 hours prior to scheduled departure = $125 fee per person Within 48 hours prior to scheduled departure = 100% non-refundable

No refunds will be made on unused portions of any itinerary omitted by the passenger while traveling.


The tours sold herein have a risk of cancellation or rescheduling due to uncontrollable circumstances such as adverse weather conditions. It may be necessary to delay a departure, expedite a departure or cancel a tour entirely.

Under these circumstances, Northern Alaska Tour Company will attempt to secure a refund on behalf of the guests. It is important to note that any refund or voucher given is at the sole discretion of the airline and cannot be guaranteed. Any additional costs incurred due to trip disruption such as, but not limited to, meals or forced overnights are the responsibility of the guests.

At the sole discretion of the airline, a voucher for airline travel at a future date may be issued, however, if one is traveling with a tight timeframe that does not lend itself to rescheduling or does not likely have use for such vouchers at later time, travel insurance is strongly recommended. 

Responsibility, Liability and Extra Costs: Northern Alaska Tour Company contracts with carriers, hoteliers and other independent suppliers to provide the travel services you purchase. These parties are independent suppliers; we have no direct control of the supplier or their products. Northern Alaska Tour Company is responsible for effectively reserving and coordinating the itinerary only. We are not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, additional costs or expenses.

Note: In respect to the community's recent vote to rename Barrow to Utqiaġvik, the traditional Inupiat name for the community, Northern Alaska Tour Company's Barrow Adventure have been renamed to the Utqiaġvik Adventure.

Adventure Series guests travel to and from Utqiaġvik in a 737 jet operated by Alaska Airlines. On any given day the plane can be configured to accommodate up to 111 passengers.  

For information on how to make a reservation, click on the link to our planning page.